The real facts about Grand Canyon

As I promised you a few days ago I’m going to dedicate my today’s article to Grand Canyon. It’s one of the first attractions that comes on your mind along with California when planning a trip to the west of the USA. And you will know the Grand Canyon from many postcards and pictures in guide books. But do we actually know everything about it? Well, I think we do not. Grand Canyon is much more than only a hole in the desert. It’s a village which offeres many attractions you can explore around Grand Canyon. In this article I’m going to tell you what the Skywalk is and about the whole history behind the famous Grand Canyon Ranch.

The area around Grand Canyon

I’m sure that most of you will come either from Utah with its famous Monument Valley or like me from Las Vegas after a long and funny evening. From Las Vegas it takes about two or three hours to get to Grand Canyon and the only things you see on both sides of the highway are mountains and the desert. I know it doesn’t sound really exciting but the interesting fact about it is that some people live there spending their whole life there. If you come to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas you will leave Nevada as Grand Canyon is in Arizona. For most of us living in big cities offering school education and medical care it is inconceivable to live in such conditions. Can you imagine that people living there keep their letter boxes next to the highway while they live somewhere deep in the desert of Arizona?

Arizona mailboxes

And a few miles away is the world famous Grand Canyon. Actually it’s not that hard to find in the middle of the American desert. You can notice it on the colour of the earth when it suddenly changes from light brown to red. What many people don’t know is that you have to pay a fee for the entrance as Grand Canyon is a national park like also Yosemite or Yellowstone. And believe me it’s really expensive. If you take the cheapest version which I recommend you then you pay between 40-70 dollars per person. If you dream about a helicopter tour over Grand Canyon you have to calculate over 400 dollars per person. If you want to see Grand Canyon closer you have book the Skywalk where you are not even allowed to take a smartphone with you for taking a picture. If you want to have a picture on the Skywalk you can only let a photographer take it and it will cost about 60 dollars. That’s the reason why I don’t have any picture for you from the Skywalk. To be honest the Skywalk is only a complete waste of time and even a waste of your money. There are buses which bring you to the Grand Canyon and which are included in the price for your ticket. You can also take a look at the hills without paying the expensive fee just to enter the Skywalk. On this picture you can see Grand Canyon with Colorado river inside.

Grand Canyon Colorado

And I took this picture from the edge of Grand Canyon so you see that you really don’t need to enter the Skywalk. Grand Canyon and the village around it became a famous touristic attraction for another reason.

Englishman turned cowboy

Music lovers might remember singing Sting I’m an Englishman in New York. Well, Arizona is a few thousand miles away from New York but here you will find an Englishman, too. It was Nigel Turner who escaped from cold and rainy Northern England and who put his dream of an own American ranch into practice. Many newspapers and magazines wrote Englishman turned cowboy afterwards. He moved to the hot desert of Arizona opening a ranch next to Grand Canyon with cows, horses and traditional tents. The Grand Canyon Ranch became another touristic attraction for tourists visiting Grand Canyon. What he didn’t know is that this idea would make him rich which confirms the stereotype of America where careers and stars are born. But I already wrote in my previous article what I think about all these American stereotypes which are very popular in Europe.



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