Rome in the movie

Rome is not only usually called the Eternal City but it is also a city in which many American movies have been filmed. In this article I want to introduce you a few of them and places which you will recognize after having watched them all. I will also tell you about Cinecittà which playes a very important role in the Italian media landscape. And of course Trevi Fountain playes a big role in all these movies. I would even say that Trevi Fountain is the most typical and most romantic place in all movies about Rome. Today it’s quite easy to find the way to Trevi Fountain. You just have to listen carefully and if you will hear loud whistles you can be sure that you’re not far away from it. There’s a policeman standing in front of Trevi Fountain and whistling whenever somebody comes to close and tries to climb over the enclosure. So don’t even try it!

A romantic bath in Trevi Fountain

When visiting Trevi Fountain the first movie scene that might come onto your mind is the Swedish actress Anita Ekberg taking a bath with his partner in Trevi Fountain in front of the sculptures in the light in the legendary movie La Dolce Vita. Some tourists coming to Rome have also tried to do it although with less success as their trip to Rome became more expensive than they actually have planned. The difference is that Anita Ekberg got a big amount of money for this role while you will pay a lot of money of you make a similar attempt. The legend says that if you throw a coin over your back into Trevi Fountain you certainly will return into the Eternal City. Many tourists and citizens of Rome tried to fish them out. But do you actually know what’s Happening with all these coins? In the early morning hours the so-called Azienda Comunale Energia e Ambiente arrives and pumps up the water just to take out all the coins. Afterwards they spend it for charity reasons. Too bad they didn’t show such an interesting fact in any movie!

The Spanish stairs

Another famous place which you will see in the movie Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the leading roles are the Spanish stairs where you will see tourists sitting from up to down everywhere. Not so in Roman Holiday where nobody is sitting on the stairs and cars are driving around the square. This scene has been filmed in 1953 and things were different in those days. By the way do you know why they called the square Piazza di Spagna? It’s simply because the Spanish embassy has been next-door before. In summer you can take your bottle and get some fresh drinking-water like in so many places in Rome.


Eat, pray and love at Piazza di Navona

Of course eating, praying and loving are three things that you will associate with Rome as you will get lovely food, Vatican as the religious centre and a lot of romantic places here. But the film Eat, love and pray which I already have watched three or four times at least claims that Italy is the best place to eat while Bali is the best place to pray. This movie scene with Julia Roberts in the leading role has been filmed at Piazza di Navona which is one the most famous squares in Rome.


Other movies staged in Rome

Of course there are much more movies that have been staged in Rome like Gladiator, Illuminati, one of the many James Bond movies or Only You with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey. The amount of movies produced at least partially in Rome is quite big and it would be too much to mention them all in this article. If you want to check out some more movies I can recommend you this link.

Cinecittà – The Italian movie factory

But Rome is not only a favourite place for staging a movie. The Eternal City itself is a place producing all movies in Italy at Cinecittà. It’s a name composed of the two Italian words cinema and città which simply means city. You can also book guided tours and go there by metro from the Via Appia or the main station Terminali. You see that Rome is a very popular place for the movie production. They say that many ways lead to Rome and movie producers have recognized this obviously.






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