Giolitti – From a milk shop to the best ice cream in Rome

In my previous article I already introduced to you Trastevere where you can find cheap restaurants. And if you remember I promised you another peace of information which I’m going to give you in today’s article. As you know a trip to Italy is almost impossible without trying the lovely Italian ice cream. Of course Rome has hotels and restaurants on every corner where you can get ice cream or drink an espresso. But the best address I can recommend you is Giolitti. You will find it in the Via Uffici del Vicario and it’s not very far away from Trevi Fountain and therefore it’s an excellent place to make a short break during your sightseeing tour when walking around in Rome.

From a milk shop to a gelatteria

It was the married couple Giuseppe and Bernardina Giolitti who founded a milk shop named Latteria Giolitti back in 1890 where they were producing and selling their own milk. Their business succeeded and they were started opening more branches all over Rome. One day their son Nazzareno Giolitti started producing and selling ice cream in the milk shop which from the next generation on became Giolitti’s main specialization. Nazzareno’s son Silvano decided to transform the milk shop into an ice cream parlour and so from now on Latteria Giolitti became Gelatteria Giolitti. Silvano Giolitti also created his own recipes which are still used today and of course they keep them save. By the way when you come here and sit down just try to pay attention to the people sitting around you. They might be prominent in Italy and you won’t even know. The Italian parliament is next door and there are especially Italian politicians coming here. Even Silvio Berlusconi has already been at Giolitti a few times to drink a coffee. At the table next to me there was a guy sitting who is a famous politician in Italy. I don’t even know his name but what I can tell you is while he was eating his ice cream two guardians where standing around him. I asked a guy named Walter who was working there about other prominent Italian names like Gianna Nannini, Andrea Bocelli or Adriano Celentano whether they already have been there and he met a few of them indeed.


More than just ice cream

There’s a big offer of ice cream flavours and each day they are changing. What I personally can recommend you is limoncello which is an alcoholic lemon drink used for many sweet delights in Italy. But Giolitti also started producing other delights of their milk which you can all get here. They sell their own chocolate and many other lovely sweets which I can recommend you as a present for your beloved. Furthermore they also produce and sell sweets which you can get almost everywhere in Italy but which are less known abroad. One such delight you should try is cannoli. It originally comes from Sicily like so many delicious things in Italy. Cannoli is made of sweet sheep’s milk cheese also known as ricotta. And do you know why this kind of cheese is called ricotta? Here your knowledge of Italian is requested. It comes from the verb ricuocere which means to cook once again. And that’s how ricotta is produced. They take the leftovers of the cheese and cook them once again.

Another delight from Sicily

By the way as I already started writing about Sicilian delights there’s another one which you will get almost everywhere in Rome although it has nothing to do with Giolitti. It’s called arancini and it’s made of rice, tomatos, peas and sometimes also with melted cheese inside. It’s the best snack you can get being underway and the cheapest one as well.


And believe me they taste even better when they come warm and fresh out of the oven. It’s a lot of work to do them at home on your own but you can also buy arancini in Italian shops in countries like England, Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium where many Italian people live. I hope that I could give you some valuable advices for your next trip to Rome. If you want to have some coffee and try some lovely ice cream go to Giolitti and if you want to have a little snack then try some arancini!





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