Trastevere – The pearl in the middle of Rome

Rome is without doubt one of the world’s most beautiful and most visited cities and I know that I don’t need to introduce the Colosseum or the Forum Romanum to you as many of you already have been there. But there’s one place in Rome that you should reserve for the evening when planing your trip to Rome. That’s Trastevere which is not very far away from Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica. You can also reach Trastevere by bus from the railway station Terminali where I also had a beautiful and cheap hotel. My advice to you is that you should forget about the metro or any bus and take the occasion for a walk in the evening. From St. Peter’s Basilica which is very beautiful in the evening you should go for a walk and enjoy the atmosphere at Trastevere. It’s also a great idea to reserve a hotel room or a cheap bed and breakfast right there at Trastevere especially when you are planning to come from Fiumicino Airport.

From a poor barrier to a pearl

In many big European cities you will often realize that a former poor and criminal barrier gets a sophisticated one where suddenly artists  start moving and one excellent restaurant opens next to the other one. Just think of Montmartre in Paris, Notting Hill in London or Christiania in Copenhagen. Trastevere in Rome has a similar story to tell although being a little bit less famous than Montmartre or Notting Hill. I think Trastevere with its very old houses where people still live is underrated and deserves definitely much more attention. And believe me if you live here you will never have a boring day as there are always musicians playing and singing in the street or artists showing and selling their craftwork. A very popular place and certainly the heart of Trastevere is the big square Piazza Santa Maria. People open their windows and enjoy street concerts all night long. Look at this picture what’s going on here in the evening hours.


Trastevere for gourmets

If you want have a supper in the evening just forget about the expensive and touristic restaurants around Via del Corso and Piazza di Navona. Trastevere is not only a lovely place for a walk in the evening but in my opinion also the best place to eat something in the evening, And where can you eat better than in Italy. I suppose that mangiare is the first word most of you have learned when studying Italian. You really can be sure that at Trastevere you will find some authentic and real Italian cuisine. And there’s one thing about Rome that really surprised me in a positive sense. In comparison to other world cities Rome is a quite gentle one for your wallet and credit card … well unlike a few pickpockets. And saw a situation in the metro in Rome how an elder woman realized two of them in the last second before getting rid of her valuables. She started shouting at the two young girls and hitting them with her handbag. I always knew that Italian are some vivacious people. But know I got carried away and actually I wanted to tell you about the food and the restaurants at Trastevere. As I said it is surprisingly cheap here. I think you really can’t complain about 10 euros for some pasta with sea food and big glass of Aperol with orange. Where would get such a meal for such a low price in London, Paris or Stockholm?


This picture here is only one of many more examples how beautiful and romantic Trastevere can be. I just don’t get one thing which I’ve been thinking about during my trip to Rome. You alsways see a mass of tourists staying in the queue to enter the Forum Romanum and the Colosseum and you always see these monuments as typical symbols on postcards and guide book pictures. But why don’t we get to see Trastevere as often as the other places. No one can tell me that it’s less attractive as for me Trastevere is a real pearl in the middle of Rome. Italy is also famous for its ice cream and in my next article I’ll tell you where to get the best one in Rome. So stay tuned!


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