Guinness – The beer of records

When coming to Dublin or anywhere in Ireland there’s one delight you simply can’t miss and that’s the famous Guinness beer of course. By the way I have to tell you an interesting fact first of all. It is proved that after having drunk we speak a foreign language with ease and scientists conform that indeed. But what I wanted to tell you today are some facts about the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and its worldwide popular beer. It was Arthur Guinness himself who invented the beer in the 18th century. He tried to copy the English Porter beer and kept on experimenting till he finally succeeded and the Guinness beer was invented. The barley has to be heated by a temperature of 232 degrees which gives the beer its black colour. And you know what 232 was also the room number of my hotel in Dublin by the way. What a coincidence! Even James Joyce once upon a time called it the wine of Ireland. But Arthur Guinness whose descendants today are one of the richest families in Ireland invented not only the beer but also the Guinness Book of Records. He started collecting curious stories about incredible achievements in sports, arts, science and many other fields offering his guests interesting things to talk about while drinking Guinness beer in the pub. The Guinness Storehouse was a humanitarian organization which for instance also invested money for renovating the St. Patricks Cathedral in Dublin. Today it also organizes different manifestations like the traditional Oysters Festival which takes place every summer in Galway. When you come to Dublin and visit the Guinness Storehouse a pint of Guinness is included in the price while you can get up into the Lounge of the Guinness Storehouse and enjoy the view over the roofs of Dublin. So I say Cheers or in Irish Sláinte!


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