Adam Mickiewicz vs. Adomas Mickevičius – A Polish or a Lithuanian writer

As I already mentioned in my previous article Poland and Lithuania although not being related linguistically to each other both share a common history and culture. In this article I want to introduce you one such example. The famous person I’m going to talk about is the writer Adam Mickiewicz. To be honest this is his Polish name as the Lithuanians call him Adomas Mickevičius. To make the confusion complete I will add that he was born in 1798 in Navahrudak which is a city on today’s territory of Belarus. If you remember my last article you will know that Belarus was also part of the Polish-Lithuanian union making it one of the biggest countries in Europe in those days. Every Polish schoolchild has to read his most famous work Pan Tadeusz and knows the first page by heart. In Polish it starts with the words Litwo, ojczyzno moja … which means Lithuania, my fatherland … and shows both countries similarities already at the beginning. For Poland Adam Mickiewicz is something like a national hero while the Lithuanians call him Adomas Mickevičius claiming that it’s their national writer. There are even a few Belarussians who are proud that he was born on their territory calling him a Belarussian writer. After having visited his monument it’s time to try the Lithuanian cuisine and have some cepelinai which are potato dumplings filled with meat served with sour cream and bacon.


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