Malmö – On the other side of the Öresund Bridge

In my last two articles I told you a few things about Copenhagen but once you are here there’s one thing you should do. You should go to Malmö at least for a few hours. Since 2000 Sweden and Denmark are connecte by the Öresund Bridge and lots of people living in Malmö work in Copenhagen and cross the Bridge two times every day. The bridge is 20 kilometres long and you can even see it from the plane if there’s good wheather. When crossing the bridge by car or by train the first building you will recognize from the distance is the Turning Torso. You can see it on the picture. People say that Malmö is famous for two things. And these things are the Turning Torso and the football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is of Bosnian origin. However the Swedish football didn’t enjoy many success in the past few years. In the next days Sweden will keep on fighting to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. And it won’t be easy for them to beat Italy in the play-offs. The Turning Torso was created by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. There are many more examples how Malmö has become a city of modern architecture in the past few years after having had a rather bad reputation before and having been associated as a dirty industrial city. In the late 1990s a high school was opened and Malmö became an attractive place to live for young students. As you can already notice Malmö is a very international city even more than Stockholm. It’ll be easier for you to find some falafel or kebab here than the traditional Swedish köttbullar. For those of you who are learning Swedish or already speak it fluently I have one little advice. Please don’t feel confused if you will have Problems to understand the people. You are in the Swedish part of Skåne and even the Swedes have problems to understand this very dialect. How would I describe Malmö in a few words? The whole world in one city but with a funny and strange sounding Swedish dialect!


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