Two sisters, one story – Copenhagen from its literally view

As you can recognize on the picture I’m standing in front of the Little Mermaid in wonderful Copenhagen. In Danish they call her Den Lille Havfru and although she looks very small siting on a stone on the edge where you have to find her first there’s a big story behind her. Or maybe I will start the story the other way round. What have Copenhagen and Warsaw in common? Yes, it’s the mermaid indeed. In Polish we call her Syrenka Warszawska. They are sisters and an invention of the famous Danish storyteller and writer Hans Christian Andersen who even spent most time of his life in Nyhavn which you can see on many postcards from Denmark. Hans Christian Andersen tells the story of two sisters which lost each other in the Baltic Sea. One went to Copenhagen and the other one to Warsaw carrying a helmet and a sword. It’s so sad that her Danish sister became victim of vandalism a few times in the past years losing even her had. But so few people know the legend behind this small lady from the sea. And do you know by the way which building you see behind me and the Little Mermaid on the picture? It’s called B & W Hallerne and it hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 when Conchita Wurst rose like a phoenix and took the trophy for Austria. But in contrast with Conchita the Little Mermaid doesn’t have a beard.


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