(Un)known Romania

After I introduced you some facts about the Romanian language in my two previous articles today I will tell you something about Romania itself. When hearing Romania most of you will probably think either of poor Gipsy people begging on the street or about Dracula living in Transilvania. Both things are only prejudices and stereotypes and Bucharest is a very modern and very European city which really is worth a trip. It reminds me a little bit of Paris but with a socialist trace. But Bucharest is very lovely if you want to go out for a drink with friends at night. I really recommend the district Lipscani with its discos, bars and cafés. It’s like as if you are somewhere in Barcelona or Paris. And the Romanian people are really nice and helpful and often well educated. As Romanian is a Romance language they are often fluent in Italian, Spanish or French and work abroad in Romanic countries in Western Europe. Due to its hard history until 1989 many people still see Romania as a poor and backward country. Well, you just need to take a look on the hitlists of the past years as many summer hits like Dragostea din tei from O-Zone or Mr. Saxobeat from Alexandra Stan came from Romania or its small Romanian speaking neighbour Moldova. And by the way Dracula or Vlad Ţepeş how the Romanian call him is actually an invention of an Irish storyteller. Although Romania is part of the European Union since 2007 people still don’t know much about that country. However it gave us more than you might think.


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