If you want to be a real European speak Romanian!

In my last few articles I spoke about the influence of the Latin language and the Roman culture on whole Europe. Today I am going to tell you about a country and a language of about which many people don’t know or use to forget that it’s also a Romance language. As you already can recognize on the picture I’m talking about Romania. Here I’m standing in Bukarest in front of the Palace of the Parliament or Palatul Poporului how the Romanian call it. And here we have the first sign which indicates that we have to do with a Romance language. The Palace of the Parliament is the second largest building in the world after the Penthagon as was constructed by the former dictator Ceaușescu. But let’s better not concentrate on a dark chapter of Romanian history but on the Romanian language instead. I can tell you that it’s one of my favourite languages because it has something cosmopolitan. It has a Latin base in its grammar and the verb system is very similar to languages like French, Italian or Spanish. It has many Slavic influences like for instance the word zăpadă which means snow and is derivated from the Slavic word padati which means to fall down. It also has many words from its Hungarian neighbours like muncă for work or oraș for city. The original Hungarian forms are munka and város. Like the most languages in the Balkans it also has many Turkish words like bacșiș or chebab. When I speak Romanian I have the feeling that I’m collecting words from all over Europe and I feel like a real European.


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