The Trevi Fountain – as beautiful and romantic as the Italian language

In the following articles I will tell you about one of my personal favourite cities in the world: Rome. No matter where you go there’s in every corner something you can take a picture of. If I should name a sight in the world I love most I would definitely name the Trevi Fountain. I can sit there hours and watch at it. It is the largest Baroque fountain in the world designed by the Italian architect Nicola Salvi. It is as beautiful and romantic as the Italian language which was one of my first languages I started to learn as a teenager. The first two things that will certainly come on your mind is the Italian opera and the lovely food and for sure there are Italian restaurants in your area wherever in the world you live. But in the next articles I will tell  you about some less known things coming from Italy and especially Rome. On my blog you will get to know what more the Italian cuisine has to offer apart from pizza, pasta and tiramisu. And I will also show you why the Latin language is not necessarily a completely dead language on the example of the Romanic languages. So stay tuned for Rome the Eternal City!


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