Go North – Life is peaceful there

When opening my blog you probably already asked yourself where I am on the picture in the background. Well, in the past few years I regularly have been travelling to Scandinavia and Northern Europe. The picture you see in the background of my blog has been taken in Stockholm exactly in Skärgården. It’s a lovely place outside of Stockholm. Going only a few miles outside of the city centre you will discover a totally different face of Sweden. Pretty red houses like in Astrid Lindgren’s ‘The Six Bullerby Children’ adorn the landscape wherever you take a look. Many Swedes see Skärgården as an opportunity to escape from the pulsating city life. It’s so calm and peaceful here. The city consists of many islands and often is called the ‘swimming city’. Each of these islands has its unique character and for sure the most famous one is Gamla Stan which in Swedish means the ‘Old City’. On this island you can visit the majority of all sights like the Royal Palace or Stortorget the Big Market with its famous and very old houses. I recommend to you to start your morning there as I did going into a baker’s shop and have some coffee and the lovely cinnamon rolls. In Swedish they are called kanälbullar and I can tell you that they are even bigger and better than in the supermarket of a famous Swedish furniture house. Especially when they take them out of the oven, Walking through Gamla Stan in the early morning you can smell the cinnamon in the air. By the way statistically the Swedes drink the most coffee which is very good against winter depressions. They even have a special word for drinking coffee in their language which is fika. And the coffee break at work in Swedish is called fikpaus. No, it doesn’t mean what many English or German speakers might understand now. And what if you want to go as quickly as possible to another island. No Problem, Stockholm is also famous for its boat taxies. In Södermalm in the south of Gamla Stan I really recommend to you the famous köttbullar with potatoes and lingonsylt a typical Swedish cranberry preserve. And to those of you who like fish and sea food: You really should try the so called strömming a fried herring served with the obligatory Swedish crispbread. My personal speciality in Stockholm is the lovely liquorice ice cream. I simply can’t get enough of it! And meanwhile you are passing Södermalm by boat taxi you will certainly keep an eye on a huge strange building looking like a gigantic golf ball rising over whole the city centre. In the next part of my article I will tell you what this building has to do with Swedish music and why you probably don’t know all details about the career of ABBA! So stay tuned!





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