How to become a polyglot? And why Emil Krebs can be your holiday guide?

When going on holidays you will certainly manage your trip in many situations speaking English. Many of you maybe won’t even think about learning for example Greek just for a one week trip on Crete or Mykonos. But if you really want to get in contact with the people and have a different impression of your travel destination it is really worth the pain. Of course there are people who suppose to have absolutely no talent for learning languages. They will probably think: Learning Greek for my trip to Greece? A complicated grammar! A weird alphabet! No, that’s not my cup of tea!

I will prove to you that you can learn a new language up to a certain degree if you choose the right method. English which is nowadays the most omnipresent language being learned by the majority of the world has its difficulties, too. We have to remember that the English grammar is based on a Celtic substrat. And those of you who speak Irish, Welsh or another Celtic language know how confusing the grammar of these languages can be. Furthermore English has a totally different prononciation in comparison to the written letters. So why do we tend to learn English with more ease than any other language? I would call our way of learning English the Emil Krebs method. We hear the language in advertisements, in pop songs or in American series like “Sex and the City ” or “Lipstick Jungle”.

Emil Krebs was a linguist and translator born in Silesia, today Poland but Germany in those days. He proved that it’s not only about staring into the exercise book and learning grammar rules and declensions by heart. You have to live the language literally. Try to prepare some food from the prevailing region, listen to music or news, try to watch a movie or a soap. And do it regularly each day. Two brothers named Michael and Matthew Youlden do it exactly the same way and they learned even such foreign languages like Maltese or Cornish. I can insure you that it’s not only about talent. To be honest Emil Krebs was living in a time when there was no Youtube or any social media. You nowadays have the access from almost every part of the world to all these media. Learn languages like Emil Krebs and discover the world like Marco Polo!

In this video you can learn more about it!




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