Geox D Aneko B ABX Womens Shoes Leather Waterproof Trainers / Shoes Womens - Black 1c6ada

Geox D Aneko B ABX Womens Leather Waterproof Trainers / Shoes - Boasting an ultra-lightweight and a cutting-edge design, these Aneko ABX women's trainers from Geox are perfect for rainy days.  Part of the Amphibiox collection, Geox's innovative waterproof and breathable range. In an elegant black leather version with metallic inserts, they feature a removable insole, guaranteeing hygiene and practicality. Very lightweight and breathable sole. They are easy to put on and wrap the foot, without constricting it. Glamorous, functional and versatile.The pioneering water repellent and breathable Geox sole is enhanced with a series of innovative technologies for the upper which allow Amphibiox to offer excellent performance both in terms of water resistance and breathability.The special Amphibiox membrane keeps the feet completely dry, protecting them from the rain, mud and snow. At the same time, natural temperature regulation is guaranteed by excellent breathability, for freshness or warmth depending on the outside temperature.